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NovelTea Tins are classic works of literature built into beautiful tea caddies. Inside, organic teas are blended deliciously to evoke the various stories of each namesake title. War and Peach? Pride and Peppermint? Do you have a taste for great literature? We want to provide you with some great taste IN literature. This year we’re back with three exciting new titles inspired by beloved children’s classics from Lewis Carroll, Beatrix Potter and J. M. Barrie.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The Neverending Story; No Backer Left Behind
over 4 years ago – Sun, Dec 15, 2019 at 06:48:13 PM

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Warm summer greetings: A reminder to update your address if you're moving this summer
almost 5 years ago – Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 09:00:15 PM

Greetings dear backers! 

We just wanted to share a quick update and remind you to send us your updated address if you've moved. 

After last months shipping rut we're now down to the final 25 US orders and International shipments. 

If we can land another subscription box deal, that should take care of the rest. Working with Life's Library Book Club was a blast and people were super happy about their tea. And we were super happy about getting funds to ship rewards; we'll soon be able to sleep well at night. 

This summer is a busy one:

- We're adding a retailer wholesale portal to help us service the many retail requests we're getting. Dealing with wholesale does very little for our funds, but it helps pay rent and keep things moving forward. The wholesale portal will help us save time so we can spend that on making more sales. 

- Keep an eye on StoriArts in a few days. We're doing a cross promo giveaway with them where you can win some Pride and Peppermint, as well as Sense and Senchability. 

- And we're moving offices! The new space is just next door, but will give us lower rent and more space, plus a more efficient packing area. 

We'll be taking a brief pause in August, but then we'll return once more to finish what we started. 

Warm regards from us all,

Jorgen, Johnny, Mitch & Hanne

A shipping update of the good kind
about 5 years ago – Thu, May 09, 2019 at 01:44:18 AM

Dearest backers, 

Just a quick update on our shipping status:

Thanks to a larger subscription box order (we've been filling tea non-stop) we finally have profits enough to fulfill another 50 rewards. Shipments begin this week.

If you've changed address or are planning to; now is the time to let us know.

After these rewards have shipped we'll only have international orders left and about 25 US orders. And as we've promised from the start; we'll fulfill every single reward.

Big thanks to our newest team member; Hanne, (as well as some of our friends and family) for the Herculean effort to get our big order out on time. NovelTea Tins was always a hobby passion project, but with our latest influx of retailers and subscription boxes we're starting to feel like we're entering new territory. The kind of territory where we can say; last reward sent out! 

As an extra effort to raise the funds for fulfillment we've also released Pippi Oolongstocking - NovelTea Tin for a limited time. Her tin will be available at a premium price from our web store till we've fulfilled all our rewards. All profits from sales will go directly to our Kickstarter fulfillment. 

Warm regards, 

Johnny, Jorgen & Mitch

Really can't wait till everyone has received their tin! Thank you Oleksandra for the beautiful shot!
Really can't wait till everyone has received their tin! Thank you Oleksandra for the beautiful shot!

Happy New Year from NovelTea Tins!
over 5 years ago – Fri, Feb 01, 2019 at 12:36:56 AM

Dearest Backers!

We had a much longer update, but as so often the Kickstarter Update feature ate what was written. 

No more, however; as of today they've updated the interface. Now we can finally post without fear of losing it all. 

We don't have any big news other than us continuing to push sales to cover the remaining tins. Here's where we're currently at:

Domestic Single Tins

We expect to have shipped all single tins in the US by next week. Keep your eyes on your mailbox and check your Backerkit to see if your tracking code has activated.

Domestic Larger Rewards (3+tins)

Next up are standardized tin rewards. We've shipped quite a few already, but this will be the next big hurdle. Our first focus will be the 4-tin rewards since they're the most numerous. That means we can pack more of them in standardized sets, which speeds up packing. 

Non-standard Rewards

If you added an item to your standard Reward tier; thank you!!! And apologies that we haven't shipped yet; we can't afford to make mistakes and your order deserves extra attention. 

We're proud to say that out of the hundreds of rewards already shipped we've only seen two or three contain the wrong items. We might not be speedy, but we're very accurate. 

Dented and Lost tins

We've shipped a few thousand tins by now and pretty excited that the postal service has been kind to us; only a handful of dents have been reported. As always we'll replace dented tins free of charge. 

International Orders

These will be the last orders to go out, but we'll pour our heart and soul into making it extra special and get it right. Hold tight; no backers will be left behind. 

We can't give any solid ETA's yet, but an influx over the holidays of retailers has given us extra cash to fulfill more orders. We're hoping to be in the double digits soon of orders to fulfill. It's been a long road, but we won't stop till every backer has their rewards. 

Pippi Oolongstocking

As part of the effort to raise more cash we've added the Pippi Oolongstocking tea blend to our site. It's one of the things we should've done a long time ago, but better late than never. The Pippi NovelTea Tin will continue to be unavailable in our web store, but at least now curious customers can enjoy the tea and backers can get a refill. All proceeds will go towards fulfillment. 


Jorgen, Johnny & Mitch

Holiday Mini-Update
over 5 years ago – Sat, Dec 08, 2018 at 12:17:59 AM

Greetings dearest backers!

Not much new to share this time, but now that we're back to more normal days of shipping I'd like to make semi-weekly updates to let you know we're still around. And we're continuing to ship!

In fact we've shipped over 30 rewards since our last update. That's still too slow, but we're happy to see that rewards are going out more rapidly than this summer. One day we'll share the full story of the wildfire season, but for now our focus is purely shipping out.

Some of you have requested tins for the Holidays. 

We'll continue to do our best to get tins out in time if you were planning gifts. If you let us know by email we should be able to get backers in the US tins in time. We might also be able to get out partial rewards or single tins as we have a growing stock of pre-packed tins. 

Don't forget to include your backer number when you email us. It helps a ton! 
And we still prefer contact by email as it's easier for us to keep track of and get you the replies you deserve. KickstarterVIP at Novelteatins dot com

And now; Back to shipping! 

Warm wishes,

Jorgen, Johnny & Mitch