Rabbit Hole Collection By NovelTea Tins

Created by Noveltea Tins

NovelTea Tins are classic works of literature built into beautiful tea caddies. Inside, organic teas are blended deliciously to evoke the various stories of each namesake title. War and Peach? Pride and Peppermint? Do you have a taste for great literature? We want to provide you with some great taste IN literature. This year we’re back with three exciting new titles inspired by beloved children’s classics from Lewis Carroll, Beatrix Potter and J. M. Barrie.

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Art Prints are up!
about 2 years ago – Fri, Oct 13, 2017 at 05:43:38 PM



We wanted to step it up from last year when our art prints were made available on card stock. This time each art print is a long-lasting gallery quality canvas print at 8X10 inches. Thick and sturdy at 1.25 inches deep. And we'll sign the back of each for this Kickstarter only.


All three main designs will be made available, both on colored and white backgrounds. You get to pick your selection after the campaign in Backerkit, but adding to your pledge now will help us raise more towards the next Stretch Goal. 

Add $30,- to your pledge for each art print you want
Add $30,- to your pledge for each art print you want


Art Prints will also be available on white
Art Prints will also be available on white




Let us know in comments below or by PM if you want us to add more designs. Each of the above designs will also be available on white backgrounds. 

Best,Jorgen, Johnny and Mitch



How do I add more to my pledge?  

To change your pledge amount, visit the project page and click the “Manage your pledge" button that appears next to your pledge amount. Then, on the following page, select "Change your pledge". From here, you’ll be able to adjust your pledge amount or choose a new reward tier altogether. Note that you are not adding to your existing pledge; the amount you enter will be the total amount collected if the project is successfully funded.