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NovelTea Tins are classic works of literature built into beautiful tea caddies. Inside, organic teas are blended deliciously to evoke the various stories of each namesake title. War and Peach? Pride and Peppermint? Do you have a taste for great literature? We want to provide you with some great taste IN literature. This year we’re back with three exciting new titles inspired by beloved children’s classics from Lewis Carroll, Beatrix Potter and J. M. Barrie.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

S'ipping update: Summer Vacations, Mix & Match, Tea Towels
about 1 year ago – Thu, May 17, 2018 at 10:18:05 PM

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Release the rabbits!
about 1 year ago – Sat, May 05, 2018 at 05:30:47 PM

Hi everyone,

I've been meaning to update you earlier, but I've actually been busy fulfilling rewards. We began fulfilling the first rewards a few days after our last update. 

The first rewards to go out are those containing our Original and British titles, as well as Pu'er Rabbit. Some Anise in Wonderland orders are also going out. 

I really want to state how sorry we are for the delays and how much time this is taking. I hope you will agree the worth was worth it when you see the new designs in person. These designs are our best yet and they've won over everyone we've heard from so far.


Pu'er Rabbit Tea Towels
Around late next week orders with Pu'er Rabbit tea towels will also start shipping. The first batch is ready and from what we can tell they look fantastic! Emily, the wonderful maker of these, is back from her maternity leave and is now producing new towels rapidly. '

Anne of Green Tea Gables
Anne of Green Tea Gables

Anne of Green Tea Gables
Don't have much to say, but I'm personally in love with the way Anne of Green Tea Gables turned out. The gusset pouch and Lily Jones' artwork just came together so nicely. Filling these bags take SO MUCH LONGER than our other re-sealable pouches,  but they feel much more true to the rustic atmosphere of Anne's world. 

As always; if you'd like to get your rewards as fast as possible; shoot us an email at KickstarterVIP@novelteatins.com and we'll put you ahead in the queue. Don't forget to include your backer number with your email! We're also super grateful for everyone who's been writing and telling us you can wait. It really helps organize our rewards. 


Jorgen, Mitch & Johnny

Pu'er Rabbit: squeezing under a gate near you soon!
about 1 year ago – Fri, Apr 20, 2018 at 10:40:25 PM

Dearest backers!  

I'm thrilled to say that the Pu'er Rabbit labels arrived! This means we can begin fulfillment of orders with Pu'er in it (plus the original and british collections) as soon as his bookmark arrives next week.

Pu'er Rabbit Labels are ready!
Pu'er Rabbit Labels are ready!

Mix & Match

Thank you to everyone who's written us with your love and support AND your special requests. I've said it a few times; the silver lining of the delays has been that we can give individual attention to each backer. 

Don't want anise flavored tea? Email us and tell us your preferred tea and we'll switch it out in your tin. 

Also happy to say that the tea towel maker is back in business after a maternity leave. Will post the first towels as soon as we receive them.

Simon and Schuster giveaway

We were also contacted by Simon and Schuster a few months back; and they'll run a giveaway for Matcha Do About Nothing and their latest book on the villain of Othello. The giveaway starts on Monday; if it goes well there might be more giveaways coming up. 

Follow S&S on Instagram to see the giveaway rules

Simon and Schuster giveaway this Monday!
Simon and Schuster giveaway this Monday!

Amazon and NovelTea Tins

I should also thank everyone who's shopped with us on Amazon! In addition to your supportive emails the sales have truly boosted our spirits. To know that our creations decorate shelves and tea nooks all around the world really means so much after all the work we've put into designing them. But my mind wanders; time to get back to work. There's a rabbit to catch! 

Till next time,

Jorgen, Mitch & Johnny

This is no mix up: Anne just arrived at our station
about 1 year ago – Tue, Apr 10, 2018 at 11:27:48 PM

Dearest backers!

I just wanted to give you a quick update to let you know we've just received our first batch of Anne of Green Tea Gables. Her blend is a summery mix of green tea and raspberry pieces that will whisk you away to Avonlea. 

Anne of Green Tea Gables
Anne of Green Tea Gables

Personally this is one of my favorite teas, as it puts a smile on my face every time I try it. It really fits Anne's optimistic personality and goes so well with the vivid descriptions of Prince Edward's Island. If I close my eyes while enjoying it, it's almost as if I'm heading down The White Way of Delight.  

The best thing for me about finally having the first tea is that I can soon begin fulfilling the first rewards. Things are going much slower than we want them to, but we're convinced the wait will be worth it. If you're in a rush, have a birthday gift planned, or if you're in no rush at all; let us know by email and we'll sort you in the queue as best we can.

Warm wishes,

PS: If this update has grammatical errors and peculiar expressions in it, please blame it on my ESL. In the interest of speedy delivery it was not run by Mitch and Johnny before posting.

PPS: I know that at least ONE backer wrote us about wanting to avoid raspberry in the tea. Fear not; I've secured an alternative green tea for you. Just write me about your preference if you read this. 

Loose Leaf Love and Fulfillment Update
about 1 year ago – Sat, Mar 31, 2018 at 12:39:33 AM

Dearest backers,

We're moving closer to fulfillment time an wanted to share a few things with you. 

Loose Leaf Love

We heard your concerns regarding bagged teas loud and clear, so we've talked to our tea blender and we're hoping to offer all our titles in a loose leaf format. This might become the default offering, with bagged teas appearing as an option later on. We'll have more details on this next week for you. 

First Fulfillments

Anne of Green Tea Gables will be the first tea to arrive at our HQ. Once she's here we'll be set to to fulfill the first rewards for anyone that did not pick any of the new Rabbit Hole Collection tins. There's just a handful of you, so if it's you; send us an email so we can find you and ship your tins. 

Mix & Match

Speaking of fulfillment; since we're still at least a month away from starting the big fulfillment push we're able to take custom requests for teas in our tins. If you'd rather have Pride and Peppermint tea in your Anise in Wonderland or some other tea from our current collections, shoot us an email with your request, and we'll be happy to oblige. We know that a handful of you asked for this, so we're happy to do what we can to get you what you want.

Final Puer Rabbit Tin and Prototype Tea Pouch. Final label will be in color.
Final Puer Rabbit Tin and Prototype Tea Pouch. Final label will be in color.

New pouches!  

Our new collection will be delivered in large, resealable pouches. We searched for months for bags that filled our tins better, but just as we had given up our tea provider sent us a sample in the perfect bag. The resealable bag fits snuggly in the tins and distributes the tea evenly.  

We'll also be experimenting with a new kraft bag for experimental new titles. The first of which will be:  

Sense and Sencha-bility!  

We clearly need more Jane Austen in our lives, and this tea has been a long time coming. A classic, chinese sencha, it will soon be available from our web store. It might even appear in a few of our rewards.

Warm wishes for your next tea time,

Johnny, Mitch & Jorgen

Shout out to The Book Store in Medina - One of our latest retailers to pick up our tins. :-)
Shout out to The Book Store in Medina - One of our latest retailers to pick up our tins. :-)